32 oz. Treats 

40 gallons

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(Zyme #9)

Nitrifying Bacteria


Reduces & removes ammonia and nitrites the safe, permanent and natural way to almost undetectable levels in less than 7 days.




Recommended Retail Price: $34.00


Net Weight: 15g

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Fish N Friends



Spirulina, Green algae that exists as single-cell organism turning sunlight into life energy. The carotenoid pigments that are highly concentrated in Spirulina algae improve and intensify the colouration in fish.


Recommended Retail Price: $14.0

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100ml, 500ml

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Aqua Medic

(Anti red)

Antired will successfully eliminate red slime algae in salt water aquaria. antired is safe with invertebrates and is not harmful to nitrifying bacteria.




Recommended Retail Price: $28.00, $85.00


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Mar 2003

NO3 <  10ppm

PO4 < 0.5ppm

The secret is OUT!!!

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Click here to see one of the 2ft marine tank we did recently, with happy fishes at feeding time, see if you can spot the hermit crab! And no, he's not the one singing: "Under the sea...!"

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 A must-read!

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by Fish N Friends

Fool proof guide to a N02 and N03  free marine environment. Read it from our website now to get a first hand view of what the Professionals having been doing!!



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