2ft Planted or Freshwater Aquarium Setup Package

• 2ft glass tank
• 2ft black wall paper
• 2ft LED aquarium lighting for plants
• CO2 cylinder + solenoid valve + diffuser
• 1 canister filter
• 1 bottle bio-bacteria
• Base fertilizer + liquid fertilizer
• Sand, Rock or drift Wood and plants
• Includes delivery & labour charges


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2ft Planted or Freshwater Aquarium Setup – Package A

This setup package helps the budding hobbyist with the easy of creating a standard Planted or Freshwater aquarium without all the difficult equipments and unknown mysteries. Everything required of for a successful aquarium is in the package, you just need to order it from us and we will install it for you.

Fish N helps freshwater hobbyists and novices move on to the exciting world of a planted aquariums at prices unmatched in Singapore.

Due to the fact that we do not incur high overheads unlike fish shops, we are able to pass on savings on livestock and equipment as an online retailer. We also save you on your transportation by delivering your order straight to your home with the best specimens we can find.

Low mark-up + no overheads + cheap transportation* + best specimens sourcing + setup labour + our friendly service = HAPPY CUSTOMERS!!!


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