The Jaubert System method

This method is revised by Dr Jaubert of the Monaco aquarium. This system utilizes only a natural approach, which is to introduce Plenum to the bottom of the tank.

A layer of large size coral chips for two inches are place above a layer of tiny size coral chips for four inches. A plenum is a gap or void space underneath the five to eight inches of live sand at the bottom of the tank below all the coral sand. This area is around 1 inch deep and is anoxic, in other words, low in oxygen. Due to this fact, components that run through it will be ‘robbed’ of their Nitrate(NO3) compounds in the water in the form of a process call de-nitrification.

The 1st layer – The area from the larger coral chips aid the growth of aerobic bacteria which needs a lot of oxygen to break down extremely harmful Ammonias (NH4) to Nitrites (NO2) to Nitrate (NO3). Thus, that is why larger coral chips are place on the top as the movement of water between the coral chips is higher. This helps to give the water at the top layer a higher oxygen.

The 2nd layer – The layer with smaller size coral chips are for the growth of the anaerobic bacteria an environment which has no oxygen at all to thrive. As this bacteria grows, it will break down Nitrate (NO3) to Nitrogen Gas (N2).

The 3rd layer – Plenum (a layer of water which has no oxygen in it), is needed in this process because at this layer it contain a higher volume of water, which means it has more Nitrate (NO3) to breaks down into Nitrogen Gas (N2) for it’s anaerobic bacteria.

This natural process also dissolution compounds like calcium, magnesium, and strontium to natural levels within the aquarium.

  • Carbon is produce in the mids of all this processes.
  • Carbon hydrates and Carbonic acid is produce.
  • Carbonic acid dissolves sand grains around it.
  • Produces Calcium, Bicarbonate and Trace element.
  • Alkaline reserve stabilize the DKH and the PH of the water.
  • Stabilizing the DKH, stabilize the PH of the water.

The Jaubert system does not utilize a protein skimmer to remove the organics (food for the whole cycle), as it may lessen the ability of the plenum.