Ultaviolet ( UV ) Sterilizer

Ultaviolet ( UV ) Sterilizer is a natural of electromagnetic radiation. In terms of frequency, it is of shorter wavelength than visible light. UV can be very effective in reducing free-floating algae, bacteria, and other microscopic planktonic organisms.

However UV sterilizer should of limited value in a properly setup marine system. As a lot of people believe that by zapping their water with this UV device greatly enhances water quality. I personally think it more suitable for a fish only setup.

UV sterilizer for the volume of water in a system and rate of post-filtered flow will improve water quality nominally in terms of lowering overall free-floating microbe levels. There will also be a slight improvements in dissolved oxygen, oxidation of metabolites, ozzone productio and skimmer efficiency. UV and near UV radiation of 295-400 nm have also been shown to aid in oxidation of organics, phosphate and nitrogenous compounds through the collateral production of ozone.

Although the system can gain from UV by disease reducing benefits, UV sterilization should not be relied on as the principal part of a filtration system. UV purification should be considered as a possible useful addition. Why? Reason being that a UV sterilizer will reduce microbial levels to, or below those in the wild.